Delinquency Notices


Delinquency notices will be sent on the 21st of every month.

  • All Delinquency notices will state the date disconnection will occur, the Amount Due, and the Date the Notice was sent to the billing address.
  • You have 10 days to pay the utility service arrears as shown below or your service is subject to disconnection.

Failure to Pay

If you fail to pay the service arrears, or fail to contact us within the 10 days allowed to make reasonable time payment arrangements, we will proceed with disconnection action.

To avoid the inconvenience of service interruption and an additional charge of up to for reconnection, we urge you to pay the full arrears immediately at our office.

Please call immediately if:

  1. You have a question about your utility service arrears.
  2. You are unable to pay the full amount of the bill and are willing to enter into a time payment agreement with us.
  3. There are any circumstances you think should be taken into consideration before service is discontinued.
  4. Any resident is seriously ill.

Illness Provision 

If there is an existing medical emergency in your home and you furnish the company with a statement signed by either a licensed Wisconsin physician or a public health official, we will delay the disconnection of service up to 21 days. The statement must identify the medical emergency and specify the period of time during which disconnection will aggravate the existing emergency.

In any situation where you are unable to resolve billing disputes about the grounds for proposed disconnection through contacts with our utility, you may make an appeal to Wisconsin Public Service Commission, Madison, Wisconsin.