Closing Companies

Due to increasing changes in the state statutes, we are again changing the process.

  • All property owners or their closing company are responsible to notify Lake Delton Utilities of the date for the final read. This will ensure that dates are complied with and will eliminate the need for additional readings for the same property.
  • Before any final read is done we must receive an application for service from the new owner. See the Commercial (PDF) or Residential (PDF) Applications. Please fax, mail, or drop off these applications.
  • All final bills will be mailed to the property owner on the last day of the month. A final read summary will be faxed to the closing company for payment collection on the date of the closing. This will facilitate that the payment will be received by this office the day following the closing.
  • Requests for meter readings must be a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Any requests received after the date will be read the following day, with that date used as the billing date. Readings due on Monday morning need to be submitted by Thursday at Noon.
  • Meter reading requests can be faxed to Lake Delton Utilities via the Final Reading Request Form (PDF). The fax number is 608-254-7785. You may customize the upper half of the form with any information that is pertinent to your organization.
  • Please note the property owner is ultimately responsible for the utility bill. That means the bill goes with the property.
  • If you are renting out your property at the time of the closing, the past due amount can only be given to you if you have a Consent Form (PDF) from your renter. Property owners are responsible for this amount at the time of the closing whether or not the renter will continue living at the property after the time of the closing.