Private Wells

Well Abandonment Procedures for the Village of Lake Delton

A permit application (online submission) This link will take you to HeyGov our new License Portal.  A  fee of $50 fee per well. Double fees will apply for applications taken out after the well has been abandoned.

Standard procedures as outlined in the Wisconsin DNR Well Sealing Publication DG-016 must be followed. This includes the screening of the bentonite as it is poured into the well.

When your DNR Certified Pump Installer or Well Driller has pulled your pump and piping please call Troy Locken for an inspection at 608-253-9268 and leave a message.

After inspection is made you can complete the filling of the well. When all the work has been completed please call for a final inspection. The screen and bags must remain on site until after the final inspection. This will normally occur within 24 hours after notification by the owner.

A complete copy of the DNR Well abandonment report Form 3300-005 (PDF) must be provided to the Village of Lake Delton for their records within 72 hours after the abandonment of the well.

(Per Municipal Code 54.03 and 54.10)

Well Operation Permits: Municipal Code 54.02 and 54.09

Application for Well Operations Permit is due annually by August 1 along with the Wisconsin Wells and Pressure System Inspection form and $150 fee per well. You can download the Well Operation Permit Application (online submission) This link will take you to HeyGov our new License Portal.

(must have been submitted with the application for 2021 Permit and filled out by a DNR Licensed Well Driller or Pump installer in 2020.)

Please use the list of Well Drillers and Pump Installers provided on the Wisconsin DNR Website. (