Recycling & Garbage

Garbage Hauler Information

As of February 1, 2015, Lenorud Services Inc. will be the only authorized Garbage Hauler for Single Family Residential and buildings containing up to 4 residential units.

A $17 charge for each unit will be added to your utility bill beginning with your February 28, 2015 bill.

Garbage-Recycling-calendar-2023 (PDF)

Garbage-Recycling-calendar-2024 (PDF)


All trash must be bagged and inside the designated cart which will be supplied by Lenorud Services Inc.

Please have the supplied garbage and recycling carts to the curb by 6:30 am on the designated day of pick up (see calendar).

Single stream recycling: All recycling may be placed together in the supplied cart labeled recycling.

Aluminum cans: Includes used beverage cans only.

Container glass: Includes container glass only. Glass must be clean, with caps and neck rings removed. Labels can remain on the glass. Glass should not be broken. Glass does not include ceramic cups, dishes, ovenware, plate glass, safety and window glass, heat-resistant glass such as Pyrex, lead-based glass such as crystal, or TV tubes.

Corrugated cardboard: Includes clean corrugated cardboard only, and does not include waxed cardboard or "chipboard" such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and similar materials. Cardboard must be flattened and bundled in bundles not more than twelve inches high and twenty-four inches wide and thirty-six inches long.

Mixed papers: Includes all grades of papers: including white, colored, ledger, shiny, coated, carbonless, or NCR papers; envelopes, including windowed, labeled, and kraft; magazines, phone books, computer printout paper, glued pads, and tablets, file folders, keypunch cards, post-it notes, spiral notebooks, cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc. Can include paper clips and staples. Does not include hand towels or other paper products from restrooms, or soiled napkins and paper plates. Also does not include carbon paper, cellophane, or any waxed paper

Newspapers: Includes newspapers and newspaper advertisements. Does not include catalogs, magazines, cardboard, or other paper products. Shall be placed for collection in paper grocery bags or bundled in bundles not more than twelve inches high.

Plastic bottles: Includes only plastic bottles clearly marked with the recycling emblem.

Tin cans: Includes tin-coated metal cans, bi-metal cans, and steel containers, which must be clean and labels must be removed.

Items not accepted for pickup at any time: Paint/varnish in a liquid state - oil - hazardous waste - asbestos - yard waste/brush - dirt/rock/brick - construction material

Special Pick-Ups 

(Must be pre-paid by the customer before pick up).

Please contact Lenorud to schedule a special pick-up via phone at 608-847-2147 or visit the Lenorud website

Special pick up not on a scheduled route day, or the item doesn't fit in route truck Trip Fee of $65 plus the item charge.

Special pick on a scheduled route day and the item will fit in the route truck: No trip fee, just the item charge from the below table

Note: Same rules apply above for spring and fall cleanup for large items. Please note spring and fall clean-up is only for those customers who are billed monthly on the Lake Delton Utility Bill.

Special Pick-Up Fees

  • $3 Charge Each: Computer Peripherals (mouse, keyboard, speakers, wires), Stereo Components, Cell Phones
  • $5 Charge Each: Computer Towers, Laptops, DVD/VCR/Blue Ray, Home Printers (Small), Home Printers (Small), Scanner/Fax
  • $8 Charge Each: Tires
  • $10 Charge Each: Microwaves, Stove, Dishwasher, Dryer, Washing Machine, Water Heater
  • $20 Charge Each: Computer Monitors, TV under 17"
  • $25 Charge Each: Business Fax/Printers over 15lbs, TV up to 27", Dehumidifiers, Freon Units, Window A/C, Refrigerator, Freezer
  • $30 Charge Each: TV 27" and over
  • $35 Charge Each: Console TVs, Big Screen TVs
  • $50 Charge Each: Stand Alone Copiers (Large)
  • $2 Charge Each: Fluorescent bulbs any size