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Notice - Alternate Side Parking

  • December 1 to March 15
  • Midnight to 6 am
  • Days of the Month with even numbers you shall be allowed to park on the side of the street which has been assigned even street numbers and parking on the days of the month with odd numbers shall be allowed on the side of the street which has been assigned odd street numbers.

Please note as an example: If you park your car for the night at 6 pm on December 1 you should park on the even side of the street because at Midnight to 6 am will be December 2nd.

Information on Snowplowing and Snow Removal on Sidewalks

The following section of Chapter 41 is not currently being enforced by the Village. Once all of the streets are cleared the Public Works Department will remove the snow on all municipal sidewalks. In heavy snowfalls, it may take more than 48 hours. If there is an immediate need for the snow to be removed for access to a property, the property owner will have to make arrangements for the removal.

  • 41.12 Owner, occupant keep sidewalks clear of snow.

    A. The owner, occupant, or person in charge of every lot or parcel of land in the village of Lake Delton with sidewalks shall clear such sidewalk of snow and/or ice within 48 hours after the same has ceased to fall thereon.

    B. When ice has so formed on any such sidewalk that it cannot be removed, the owner, occupant, or person in charge of the abutting premises shall prevent such ice from causing a hazard to the users of the sidewalk by sprinkling the walk with sand, abrasive material or other product designed to prevent ice accumulation.

    In construing the provisions of this section, where the premises are occupied, the occupant or person in charge shall be deemed the proper person whose duty it shall be to comply with the provisions hereof.

  • 41.13 Village to remove snow and ice, assess tax.

    If the owner or occupant of a lot or parcel with a sidewalk has not complied with the provisions of section 41.12 then the public works department will remove the snow and ice with the cost of each said removal being assessed as a special tax against the property. The village board shall establish the amount of the charge based on the village's labor and materials as the public works director submitted.

  • 41.14 Deposit snow on public ways.

    No person shall plow, shovel, or otherwise deposit in the street the snow from within the lot lines of the property owned or controlled by him, in such manner or in such quantity as to create an obstruction in the street or otherwise create a traffic hazard, unless the person, firm or corporation depositing such snow shall, within 1 hour thereafter, cause the same to be removed from such street.

    Snow cannot be deposited from any property onto any sidewalk at any time. Persons committing or permitting such actions will be cited.
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