When choosing a housing location it is always best to check with your employer to see if they offer housing first. If not contact your sponsor to obtain housing. The Village of Lake Delton closely monitors student housing locations to provide a safe and sanitary location for you to reside in during your time in the United States. It is unlawful for locations to rent to students without a student housing license, if you find yourself in an unlicensed or unsafe facility during your stay please contact Deputy Fire Chief James Bowen at 608-254-8404, ext. 101, or email Chief Bowen. It is your right to report unsafe conditions during your stay here. Your Visa cannot be canceled for reporting bad living conditions.

Choosing the right place to live during your time in Lake Delton is very important. We have several options for housing available for you here.

  • Contact your sponsor for available housing.
  • Check out approved housing locations for students on our Listings page.
  • Call housing locations to inquire about availability of rooms.

Reporting Issues

Be careful when placing deposits on rooms. Some people might try to take advantage of new students by taking money and not providing a place to stay. Others might put students in inappropriate or unsanitary housing hoping that they will not report anything. If you are in a housing situation with too many students, that breaks health codes, forces you to live in unsanitary conditions, or other issues, please contact Deputy Chief Bowen at 608-254-8404, ext. 101, or email Chief Bowen. Your Visa cannot be canceled for reporting bad housing conditions.

Housing Listings

(This list is provided as a service to students, and does not constitute an endorsement of the properties by the Village of Lake Delton, nor is it a complete list.)

  • Hiawatha Residence Hall- 200 West Hiawatha Drive
  • Wilderness Dormitories- 501 E Adams Street (Exclusive to Wilderness employees)
  • Mount Olympus- 651 Wisconsin Dells Parkway (Exclusive to Mt. Olympus employees)
  • Kalahari Dormitory (Exclusive to Kalahari employees)
  • Morzy properties:
    • 240 E Durkee Street
    • 231 E Adams Street
    • 251 E Adams Street
  • Westerman Properties- 825 Clara Avenue
  • Lake Delton Motel- 630 Wisconsin Dells Parkway S
  • King's Inn- 31 Whitlock Street
  • Noah's Ark- 930 Wisconsin Dells Parkway (Exclusive to Noah's Ark Employees)
  • Alligator Alley- 1800 Wisconsin Dells Parkway
  • Adams St. Apartments- 131 E Adams Street
  • Tommy Bartlett- (Exclusive to Tommy Bartlett employees)
    • 260 Sarrington Road
    • 231 E Durkee Street
  • South Burritt Apartments- 306 S Burritt Avenue
  • Hines Terrace House- 120 Hines Terrace

Housing locations in the City of Wisconsin Dells can be inquired about through your sponsor.