Blass Lake

Access to Blass Lake

  1. The public access to Blass Lake identified as the Blass Lake Access, located on Blass Lake Drive
  2. The public access is carry-in only with no boarding dock and the launch surface is unimproved. There is no public parking for vehicles or vehicles with trailers. (approx. 158' from the road to the lake to carry in through a wooded 27' foot lot that is public access.)

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Speed Restrictions on Blass Lake

No person shall operate any boat on Blass Lake at greater than a slow no-wake speed. As Lake Blass is carry-in only launch, the only allowed mean of propulsion is paddles or trolling motors.

Public Swimming Area Markers

The following rules apply to the placement of markers designating public swimming areas in accordance with the provisions of s. 30.74(2), Wis. Stats., and Wis. Adm. Code Section NR 5.09.

  1. No boats shall operate in bathing beach areas, which are marked by the placement of buoys pursuant to this ordinance.
  2. All buoys shall mean state-approved buoys for bathing beach markings.

Fishing: Pan Fish