Voter Data List

BADGER Voters is a website established by the State of Wisconsin Elections Commission to provide a simple and automated way for the public to request voter data lists.

There is a subscription option for absentee data. Select the subscription option, and then select how often you would like to receive updates. If the data you requested changes in that time period, you will be notified and provided a chance to purchase the updated list and only pay for the new records.

The base fee for a request is $25. Additionally, there is a fee of $5 for every thousand records returned by the request, rounded up to a thousand if less than one thousand, or to the nearest thousand if more. The fee is capped at $12,500. If the request would cost more than that amount, it will instead cost $12,500.

Custom requests may incur an additional charge of $75 per half-hour of development time required to complete the request. Requests requiring less than fifteen minutes will not be charged this fee.

For the subscription, you will have to pay the full base fee for the initial request, plus a $25 fee for the subscription. However, updates to that subscription will only cost $5 for every thousand new records. There is no base fee for updates and no charge for records already purchased.