Accessibility & Assistance

Polling Place Accessibility & Assistance


The ExpressVote can serve every eligible voter, including those with special needs. As a fully compliant ADA voting solution, the ExpressVote allows both standing and seated voters to mark and cast their vote summary cards independently. An accessible keypad equipped with braille and the ability to use rocker panel and Sip-and-Puff devices makes the ExpressVote a truly universal solution.

Seated Voting

Seniors or other voters, who prefer to vote an optical scan ballot, who prefer to, sit down while voting may choose to make selections at the low tabletop and chair. It will also accommodate voters who use wheelchairs.

Optical scan ballots (Paper Ballots) are usually marked in one of the standing voting booths.

Voting Assistance

If you have difficulty marking an optical scan ballot or making selections on the touch screen, you may request assistance from a friend, relative or election official.

Under Wisconsin state law, the individual providing assistance must sign the Certificate of Elector Assistance on the front of the ballot.


A hand-held magnifying glass for visually impaired voters is available for marking the optical scan ballots. Ask an election official to use one at the polling place.

The ExpressVote screen can be magnified and the resolution changed by each voter to their desired need.