Transient Employee Housing

Transient Employee Housing Registration

The owner or operator of every Transient Employee Housing unit shall maintain a register and require all occupants to register their true names and addresses before being assigned sleeping quarters. The register shall be kept intact and available for Inspection by the Assistant Zoning Administrator, or representatives of the Village, for the duration that they hold a license in the Village of Lake Delton.

Rental Agreements with Students

Every occupant shall sign a written rental agreement which includes the following information: 

  1. Name, 
  2. Age, 
  3. Home address, 
  4. Contact information, 
  5. Sponsor, 
  6. Employer, 
  7. J‐1 Visa and/or state or federal identification

Transient Employee Housing Application 

Submit a Transient Employee Housing Application here. (online submission) This link will take you to HeyGov our new License Portal.

The application requirements per the Municipal Code 38 Housing for Transient Employee Housing License for the rental period shall include the following information and documentation: (you will need the following in digital format to upload  onto online application) 

 1. Owner and contact information

  2. Property address

  3. Description of the property including number of units and maximum occupancy

  4. Floor plan to scale showing the beds and furniture in the bedrooms

  5. Site Plan including available onsite parking

  6. Application for a Conditional Use Permit

  7. Plan of Operation

  8. Property Management Agreement if not managed by Owner

  9. Proof of Insurance (Certificate of Insurance)

  10. Authorization from Owner (if owner is not applicant)

  11. Building Safety Plan

  12. Such other information reasonably required by the Zoning Department

  13. Payment of the Application fee

All applications for Transient Employee Housing Licenses must be filed by April 1st of each subsequent year.

Every Transient Employee Housing License shall be for a period of one year commencing on July 1, or the date of issuance, and shall expire on June 30 of each year. Partial Term Licenses for less than 12 months shall not be entitled to apportionment of fees.