Bike & Pedestrian Paths

COVID-19 Update as May 14, 2020

Sauk County Public Health (SCPH) strongly encourages all Sauk County residents to voluntarily comply with the key components of the Safer at Home Order. These include:

  1. Maintain at least 6 feet between yourself and others;
  2. Do not congregate in groups larger than 10 people without physical distancing between groups;
  3. Wash your hands frequently;
  4. Disinfect frequently touched surfaces;
  5. Cover coughs and sneezes.

Completed Construction

Since the summer of 2008, the Village of Lake Delton completed construction of the Canyon Road, Bunker Road, County A, and Clara Avenue Multi-Use Paths, along with every street improvement added bike lanes and sidewalks which has provided new opportunities for bicyclists, joggers, and pedestrians to enjoy the amenities and recreational opportunities of the area.

View the Bike Trail Map (PDF)

Multi-Path Safety Rules

  • The multi-use recreational path is for bikers, runners, inline skaters, dog walkers and strollers walking two, three, and sometimes four abreast.
  • Since cyclists are the fastest moving, they can easily injure others. Simultaneously, they are also easily vulnerable to the lack of consideration of other path users.

Basic core rules of multi-path and bike lane use:

  1. All users should travel in the right-hand lane.
  2. Pass on the left.
  3. Announce your passing to other path users
  4. Look both ways before crossing streets and driveways
  5. Move off the path when stopping.
  6. Travel at speeds that are safe and appropriate.
  7. Pay attention to other users.

Additional Bike Rules:

And please be smart, wear a helmet when you ride your bike. Your kids may be required by law to wear a helmet, and you should be required by good common sense to wear one as well. Even at slow speeds, a fall of 3 or 4 feet to the concrete path can cause serious injury.