The citizens of Delton created the Delton Cemetery Association on September 16, 1853.

The Bylaws of the Delton Cemetery Association were adopted May 12, 1854.

September 4, 1854, the Delton Cemetery Association purchased two acres and four rods from EB. Bullis for which they paid the sum of $30. Also, they paid the Sauk County Register office seventy-five cents for recording the deed and $3 for surveying to F. G. Webster. More to come in the future...

For questions on the Lake Delton Cemetery please call 608-254-2558 or stop in at the Kay C Mackesey Administration Building at 50 Wisconsin Dells Parkway South.

The Lake Delton Cemetery is located on Wisconsin Dells Parkway (Highway 12/23) across the highway from the Tommy Bartlett Water Show. Here you can view Google Map directions to the Lake Delton Cemetery

Burial Information

Burial Activity Report to June 2018 (PDF) (not complete list)

You will be able to view the list in alphabetical order. 

Also, note that this is how to interpret the location number:

  • Location example 1 3 73 3 for Anna Achtenberg
  • First Number is for Lake Delton Cemetery
  • Second Number is Block Number
  • Third Number is Lot Number
  • Fourth Number is grave site Number

Delton Cemetery Association Minute Book 1854 to 1974

(These are images of the original minute book of the Delton Cemetery Association for the Lake Delton Cemetery on Hwy 12 in the Village of Lake Delton across from Tommy Bartlett’s Inc.)

View Minute Book documents here.